Level 2

Starting from £280
This package is suitable for individuals and small to medium sized businesses. Also for individuals who wish to make their own changes to their website, we can offer a training which allows you to do just that.
It includes:-
1 domain name (e.g smithywebdesign.co.uk)
1 – 3 years web hosting
1 Dynamic website design and built
1 – 4 webpages (the number of pages is not set, and below are some examples)

  • Home page (the first page of your website)
  • About you (Tells people about you and your business or products)
  • Contact page
  • Gallery page

Search Engine Optimization [SEO], we set up all the descriptions and keywords to make sure that search’s find you.

Offer a ‘PayPal’ payment option to your clients, with basic shopping abilities this website can allow your clients easy access to your products or services.

Website access

  • You are set up with your own password
  • Given training how to update your own website, change wording , pictures even write a blog
  • Support (Don’t worry if you get stuck or mess up we can help)

We work with you, it is your business and you know more about it than anybody